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Attorney Nancy RamosLegal
Attorney Dennis E. Tully25%
Attorney Gerald B. Berg$
Attorney Christine E. Webster10% Title $395.00
Attorney John J. Leahy Jr.$
Attorney Gerard B. Matthews$
Attorney Bethzaida Sanabria-Vega$
Attorney Reinaldo Gonzalez$
Attorney David A. Ladizki$
Attorney Peter W. Shrair$100.00413-781-0750
Attorney Stanley D. KomackLegal
Attorney Jeffrey Rahn$100.00 Review of P&
Attorney Warren J. Jacks10%
Attorney Evelyn Marshall Flavin$200.00 discount508-752-4240
508-459-7600 fax
Attorney Cornelius W. Phillips$150.00 legal fees and 10% discount on off
Attorney Rebecca Moran$100.00 discount off $650.00
Attorney Michael Ryan$100.00 discount off $650.00
Glenn D. Goodman, Esq.Office will reduce legal fee by $
Jeffrey S. Smith, ESG$100.00 discount off $695.00